Why use SMS Appointment Confirmation with your Salon Software.

Hairware Support - Thursday, August 13, 2015

So you’ve heard all about how easy it is to stay in touch via SMS messaging, but did you know that Hairware & Beautyware Salon Software have unique SMS technology that makes it affordable to market your salon with an android phone.


Don’t pay too much for your SMS marketing. Many of our clients take advantage of an unlimited SMS business plan for just $30 per month.


SMS marketing allows you to completely automate your marketing for new clients, non returned clients, birthdays and referrals. You can also target a client list though one of the predefined searches, giving you hundreds, if not thousands, of combinations to choose from. Using SMS messages with your salon software the right way, will certainly help your salon evolve.


Every Salon is a victim of ‘no shows’. For different reasons, clients make appointments and neglect to call the salon if they need to cancel. This results in an empty chair and loss of income. Sending SMS confirmations is an easy way to prompt clients to come to their appointment, or give them the opportunity to call and cancel or reschedule, allowing you to rebook the appointment time.


With the 2-way SMS appointment confirmation feature, the system can be set to automatically send reminders to clients and, as a result, a simple reply from the client will change the colour of the appointment letting you know that the appointment has been confirmed.


This really is a great feature and every salon should be taking advantage of this process to reduce the amount of no shows and keep in touch with clients.


In conclusion, the main benefits are:
•  SMS is less intrusive than a phone call
•  SMS has a much higher read rate than email
•  Save time by not having to call individual clients to confirm appointments
•  Increased opportunity for your salon to fill cancelled appointments
•  Links straight to the salon computer
•  Easy to setup in the system
•  Affordable at just $30 per month


You can find out more about how to setup and use SMS marketing by contacting our friendly support team on 1300 880 582.