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Hairware Support - Monday, August 17, 2015


Client Card Accuracy
(F9, 8, 1 setup, 2 report)


This function allows you and your staff to monitor how accurate and up-to-date your client details are.


Having up-to-date client information is a vital part of any business. By having all the right client information you can better understand your clients needs and market to them correctly.


If the client card accuracy function is set up, you will be alerted with a red ‘i’ when making an appointment indicating that more information is needed. The report allows you to view the percentage of phone numbers, emails and addresses in the database as well as how many are complete.


It’s also a great visual tool for staff meetings to help your team understand how detailed the database is or isn’t.


When assessing your business the first thing that we will look at is your client database and how current all of the information is, particularly if you’re wanting to set up marketing or auto marketing. If there is limited information, marketing and business growth can be difficult to do.


We have developed our Client Apps to make it easier for you to keep your client details up to date. By having our Client App on your iPad, you are able to hand the device to your client to correctly enter their details. This eliminates the issue of staff members inputing incorrect spelling.