Keep in touch even when your busy!

Hairware Support - Monday, October 26, 2015

Don’t have time to market your Salon over Christmas? No problem! 

Your Hairware/Beautyware system can be set up to automatically keep in touch with your clients so you don’t have to worry. 

While you are busy servicing your customers, your salon software can send out auto marketing to your clients. 
If you haven’t setup your auto marketing already, you should do this now! It’s a fantastic way to keep in touch with new and existing clients and also helps build loyalty and brand awareness. 

By setting up auto marketing you are focusing on 4 main areas. 
• Birthdays 
• Referrals 
• First Visits 
• Non-returned clients. 

What this means is that while you are busy working in the Salon, the system is busy doing the following things:
1. Wishing clients ‘Happy Birthday’ who may be celebrating over the holiday period 
2. Thanking clients for referring their friends and family 
3. Thanking new clients who visit the salon 
4. Touching base with clients who haven’t been to the salon for some time. 

These are all great ways to connect with your clients and provide a more personal service. Having all this in place over the busy period is wonderful, but the best bit is, once setup, your auto marketing will benefit you all year round. 

It’s really simple to setup. Just go to CRM, Auto Marketing and choose your selections from the menu.
If you need assistance call one of our friendly support team.