Have you got your app?

Hairware Support - Thursday, June 11, 2015

Get your Client App & keep your database up-to-date.

We have created two fantastic apps for you to use with your Salon Software.  


The first is the FREE Client App. This great app allows the iPad or Android Tablet to be handed to the customer so they can easily add their information into the 'New Client' section. This uses a simple contact form which then updates to your Hairware or Beautyware database instantly.


The second is a paid Update Client App. This app has the same features as above with the added benefit of allowing existing clients to update their details. 

Having these Apps eliminates the problem of a staff member taking down the wrong spelling of a clients name or and incorrect phone number. The client is able to enter and update their own details meaning that your database always had accurate details for future correspondence and marketing promotions.    


Made for iPad or Android Tablet



Hairware New Client App

Hairware Update Client App

Beautyware New Client App

Beautyware Update Client App


Also available on Google Play

Download it here